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Welcome to the homepage of Ultimate Cribbage.

Ultimate Cribbage was originally written by Keith Westley back in 1993 and release as Cribbage for Windows 95. Once windows 95 became old hat it was re-released as Ultimate cribbage and got to version 5.52 before stagnating in 1998. While I did lots of work on it since then it never quite got to the point where it was ready to release.

This project is all about taking the source code for Ultimate Cribbage 5.52 and creating a new release addressing many of the requests I have received over the years.

The other objective of the project I have is to create a parallel version written in C# which takes advantage of the .NET platform. I have made a start on this but it has also stagnated.

Status - December 2003

Progress is being made. Signed up the first member other than myself, Alec. Also managed to upload quite a few additional components none of which hang together yet but hey I had them and they needed to be shared.

The next big task is to start to pull together the player classes and the intelligence class. I have uploaded a UML diagram of the structure but the code is yet to be written. In many ways this is tackling the hardest problem first. Computer card playing intelligence is usually the hardest code to write but as I already have a C++ version it should not be too difficult.

To view the diagrams please download UML Sculptor which was the best UML drawing tool I could find on source forge.

Status - November 2003

I am beginning to get the hang of this now. I have managed to upload some C# code for the new cribbage game including the classes for cards, decks and a cribbage board. All are extensively customisable through XML config files. I am still looking for developers to join me on this project so please take the time to sign up over at the project page.

I only had this site created yesterday. On top of that this is my first ever project at sourceforge so I must admit to feeling a little daunted by all the tools etc out there. So please bear with me. I have all the source but have not posted it yet. Right now I am trying to rustle up some developers. Once I have a key group of 2 or 3 developers I will start posting the code and I guess we will take it from there. For the same reasons I never quite got arround to releasing a version 5.6 I still dont have huge amounts of time so I am keen to share all responsibilities ... ie I am not planning on running this autocratically.

So if you are keen to help please sign on up. The sooner you do the sooner I will post everything I have.


Please visit the project page for details.